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m2 Script Talks 2022

On its second year, m2 Script Talks will host a wide selection of prominent figures in both national and international film scene to discuss the scriptwriting process. Organized during the m2 Script Development Workshop 2022, the talks will be open to industry people, film and TV students and filmlovers. Held virtually via Zoom, the sessions with foreign guest speakers will be held in English without a translator.

Participation in the talks is free. The number of participants is limited. Please click to register.

September, 8th – 15:30

The Power of the Theme
Konuk: Ruth Atkinson

Theme is one of the most important elements of a successful script. Theme tells us what the story is really about. It’s the controlling idea that keeps us emotionally engaged. But it can be hard to know how to dramatize it. In this masterclass we’ll talk about the protagonist’s journey, and how you can use their transformation to bring out theme. A clear theme elevates your script and ensures your story will resonate with an audience long after they leave the theater.

September, 8th – 17:00

Producing the Screenplay
Konuklar: Nadir Öperli ve Emine Yıldırım

What is a producer's relationship to a screenplay? How does s/he contribute to the writing process? How should a producer be involved in the dynamic between the screenwriter and the director during the project development process? How is working with a screenwriter different from working with a writer-director? Seasoned producer Nadir Öperli and  producer and screenwriter Emine Yıldırım as moderator examine the production journey of the script.

September, 9th – 18:00

Tackling Revisions
Konuk: Karol Griffiths

In this session, Karol will discuss the rewriting process – Creating a rewriting strategy.  We will cover – preparation for meetings, the interpretation of producers’, advisors’, editors’ and development executives’ input and deciphering between valuable and less effective notes, and organizing and prioritizing notes. We discuss working towards deadlines and facing common script problems. There will be a Q & A allowing for questions.


September, 10th – 17:00

The Writer/Director Collaboration
Konuklar: Ira Sachs & Mauricio Zacharias

Writing a screenplay is a fragile and challenging business. Does it get any easier when the director is in the room? In this eagerly-anticipated talk, one of the prominent voices of American independent cinema Ira Sachs and his long time collaborator, screenwriter Mauricio Zacharias will be answering writer/director Ali Vatansever’s and the audience’s questions.

m2 Senaryo Konuşmaları Sinematek/Sinema Evi Etkinliği

September, 12th – 19:30

Zuhal – from Script to Screen
Konuklar: Anna Maria Aslanoğlu & Nazlı Elif Durlu

This very first physical event of m2 Film Lab will host director Nazlı Elif Durlu and producer Anna Maria Aslanoğlu, who have developed Zuhal extensively by participating in many script and project development platforms, First Film First, Mediterranean Film Institute, Meetings on the Bridge, and Global Media Makers, to name a few. In this lively post-screening Q&A, Nazlı and Anna Maria will address the many aspects of the production of one of the freshest debut features of recent Turkish Cinema.

Prior to the talk, “Zuhal” will be screened at Kadıköy Sinematek / Sinema Evi at 18:00. The screening is free of charge. Registration is required.